This book professional accounting gives a brief about the syllabus of the course. This book serves as a self-study text and provides essential guidance for understanding complex accounting principles and practices. In this book, the first chapter covers the topic of financial accounting and the second covers the business regulatory framework, the third covers economics, the fourth covers principles of marketing, the fifth covers cost and management accounting, and the last chapter covers financial management. All these chapters give the reader an idea of how professional accounting works. This book, Professional accounting, gives an eagle’s eye view on what is professional accounting. The meanings for the different terms used in the books and the similar words of professional accounting are also given in the glossary pages. And the number of colleges offering this course is mentioned in the appendix page. The book presents an all-encompassing and up-to-date discussion of the fundamental accounting concepts and principles and their uses in a business setting in a logical, concise, clear, and lucid manner. It aims to help the students understand, and readers develop a sound understanding of accounting principles, accounting procedures, and mechanics of the accounting process. This book will be very useful for those who want to gain complete knowledge of Professional Accounting.


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