You can see from these comments that failure symptoms are very personal and very specific. Given that, especially for home-based and single-owner businesses, the business is initially more about the owner than anything else, the emotional, physical, and mental health of the owner is paramount to its success. As new entrepreneurs, awareness of these symptoms provides a safeguard for apathy and/or ignorance in seeing the warning signs and responding to them. What are your failure symptoms? How would you answer the question: I know my business is in trouble when …? Your answers should be about more than just money in the bank. These symptoms would be appearing long before you notice the financial results. Long hours spent in the business to the detriment of your physical health and relationships is a sign that something is wrong – a warning sign that something needs to be changed in order to right the ship. Become aware of any personal failure symptoms to prescribe a solution before it’s too late and starts to impact your bottom line.


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