Housekeeping is an important and integral part of the guest’s experience and satisfaction. Housekeeping services are essential if the pace is to be kept neat and clean. Cleaning services are required at every place of work and living. These services are currently available in places such as hotels, lodges, offices, farmhouses, schools, etc. Guests always expect hotels to be thoroughly clean. The first thing that customers notice when entering any hotel is spotless, clean and well-appointed rooms with all the essential amenities. The housekeeping department plays a vital role in attracting and maintaining guests as it maintains top-quality hotel decor and service. Both customers and hotel management are aware that a clean and tidy room environment is a prerequisite for demanding high costs. It helps to replicate the business by creating permanent customers and adding more profits to the business. The modern-day hotel executive housewife faces challenges that involve a high level of professionalism. The delivery of quality service is one of the major challenges facing hospitality staff. This challenge will be a key condition for success in the emerging, highly competitive, international hospitality market. The quality of service in a specific area of housekeeping was then captured as the management and development of housekeeping human resources.

Hotel housekeeping hastily shifted, earlier the responsibility of the housekeeping department was to prepare clean guest rooms on a timely basis, but now huge changes have been made to the Hotel Housekeeping. This highly fuelled and fast-growing industry needs new trends and technology to strengthen hotel operations. In metros and cities, renowned hotels look forward to hiring professional housekeepers to maintain the standard of work in their hotels and to providing high-quality services to their valued customers. This book highlights some of the points about how housekeeping works in hotels and the importance of housekeeping in the hotel industry.

This book presents an organized approach to manage housekeeping operations and provides a detailed overview, from the broad picture of maintaining, planning and organizing quality staff to the technical details of cleaning each area of the hospitality facility. In this book, students will understand the overall structure and operation of the hospitality sector.

This book sheds light on the management of housekeeping duties within the establishment, supervision of staff, scheduling, use of various cleaning agents, safety in the workplace, and housekeeping technology. The book also discusses various activities in the housekeeping department, such as chemical use, inventory management, laundry management and expenditure control. Students will equip the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable students to carry out and manage housekeeping and laundry operations in hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, as well as to provide a wide range of support services.


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