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Aquaculture is the practice of cultivating aquatic animals and plants in managed aquatic environments. Aquaculture in salt-water or marine environments is called mariculture. Fish culture, or pisciculture, refers to the husbandry of finfish. The most popular aquaculture species are finfish grown in fresh waters, accounting for over 40 percent of total aquaculture production. Aquaculture has a long history, but for much of the world it remains somewhat of a novelty, being practiced less than agriculture or capture fisheries. During the last 30 years of the twentieth century, aquaculture grew at an average annual rate of 10 percent, and emerged as the only growth sector of the fisheries industry. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, aquaculture’s share of total fish production worldwide was 25 percent, and that proportion is projected to increase. Even though the production of fish from capture fisheries has not substantially increased over the past decade, capture fisheries nevertheless account for a far greater percentage than aquaculture. Aquaculture is practiced for a number of reasons, chief among them being food production and income generation. Most fresh-water aquaculture production (over 70 percent) comes from low-income, food-deficit countries. Even in the poorest countries, fish farming is seldom solely a subsistence activity. So while farmers may consume some of their product, typically fish are sold, thereby enabling farmers to earn income to purchase other goods and services. Aquaculture has two types, freshwater aquaculture and salt-water aquaculture. With the ever increasing demand of fish and increased fish catching activities, sea is facing shortage of fish and cannot fulfil this much demand. Freshwater aquaculture has also improved economies of many areas by providing new job opportunities. The fish produced there is mostly used by industries for processing which is then made available as canned food item.

Handbook on Freshwater Aquaculture is the ultimate guide to freshwater aquaculture, an essential resource for both professional aquaculturists and backyard fish growers.