It is clear that for survival of living plants on the earth, there should be a favorable environment in terrestrial region controlled by short wave length radiation transmitted by the atmosphere. However, using the concept for optimum growth of living plants, a micro climate can also be created for maximum medicinal crops production in a controlled environment. Growing of vegetable and floriculture crops under protected cultivation is receiving utmost attention and gaining popularity among farming community across the world. Greenhouse technology implies production of plants for economic use in a covered structure that allows rapid harvesting of solar radiation and modification of agroclimatic conditions conducive for plant growth and development. Trends in greenhouse growing continue to evolve in new ways to meet the demands of the planet’s growing populations. From low-tech tunnel and hoop houses to vertical farming and hydroponic greenhouses, food growers are combining best growing practices with the latest advancements to make their greenhouses more efficient. The purpose of growing crops under greenhouse conditions is to extend their cropping season and to protect them from adverse environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures and precipitation, and from diseases and pests. Greenhouse production normally requires a high level of technology to obtain adequate economic returns on investments. Quality is a high priority for greenhouse crops, requiring much care in pest and disease management, not only to secure yields but also to obtain a high cosmetic standard. Although technological changes are ultimately intended to reduce production costs and maximize profits, precise environmental and nutritional control push plants to new limits of growth and productivity. This can generate chronic stress conditions, which are difficult to measure but apparently conducive to some pests and diseases.

This volume ‘Greenhouse Technology’ deals with the scope of greenhouse technology in agricultural engineering (cultivation, drying and space heating). The greenhouse can provide control environment for high value crops like medicinal plants, flowers etc. crops grown inside a greenhouse are healthy and give better results. It takes a look on several climatic factors that need care in the management of a greenhouse i.e. the control of temperature, light, air composition, and nature of the root medium.