Fish vaccination during the last decade has proven to be highly effective in reducing economic losses caused by mortality and reduced growth. Prevention and control of fish diseases in Aquaculture is high priority in aquaculture industry. Unlike treating human or other animal diseases, few drugs are available for treating diseases in fish. Therefore, Control of diseases in aquaculture and fish farms relies on a combination of good management practices, use of the few approved and commercially available drugs and vaccines and prevention of infection .Vaccination is becoming an increasingly important part of aquaculture, since it is considered a cost effective method of controlling different threatening diseases. This has increased the overall survival and health of the animal and consequently significantly reduced overall cost of production.

This edited book is packed with methods and techniques to control and prevent fish diseases over antibiotic treatment as well as specific descriptions of the correct use of vaccines against the most important bacterial and viral infectious diseases of aquatic animals. It focuses on how vaccination plays an important role in large-scale commercial fish farming and has been a key reason for the success of salmon cultivation. In addition to salmon and trout, commercial vaccines available for channel catfish, European seabass and seabream, Japanese amberjack and yellow tail, tilapia and Atlantic cod are explored. In general, empirically developed vaccines based on inactivated bacterial pathogens have proven to be very efficacious in fish. Also, an emphasis on most commercial vaccines is offered to the aquaculture industry that include inactivated antigens (Ag) formulated in oil adjuvants, recommending and providing the perfect solution for each set of circumstances, and can advise on the most appropriate set up, methods and equipment to ensure that the very best results are achieved.

This book will appeal to research students and scientists on the latest knowledge about the immune system of fish, revolutionary technologies and the action requisite to develop, test and commercialize fish vaccines.