Every day, you want to be sure that you are prepared for anything that life is going to throw at you. It is all part of having a contingency plan Control systems are vital part of everyday life in today’s society. Having control system monitoring and continuous improvement tools in place will allow your systems to be properly integrated. They control our appliances, our entertainment centers, our cars, and our office environments; they control our industrial processes and our transportation systems; they control our exploration of land, sea, air, and space. Approximately all of these applications use digital controllers implemented with computers, microprocessors, or digital electronics. It can also ensure there is communication across all subsystems to ensure complete reliability. Every electrical, chemical, or mechanical engineering senior or graduate student should therefore be familiar with the basic theory and applications of digital controllers.

Digital Control Systems research articles as well as review articles, investigating the design, simulation and modelling, implementation, and analysis of methods and technologies for control systems and applications. The practical aspects and details of the operation of digital devices are quite extensive and are the scope of this book. The contributions in this book will serve the objectives of establishing the importance of signal conversion and processing in digital control systems and providing mathematical models. Magnetic suspension systems are nonlinear and unstable systems; therefore, they are suitable educational benchmarks for testing various modeling and control methods. This book presents the digital modeling and control of magnetic suspension systems as magnetic suspension systems (MSSs) are important in several engineering applications, such as the levitation of high-speed Maglev trains, frictionless bearings, and wind tunnels.

This book is intended to give the advanced graduate students and practitioners as well as researchers in mechanical engineering an explanation with real cases to digital control of mechanical systems with an emphasis on applications.