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Diseases cause huge loss of crop plants. In human being we found diseases like Malaria, typhoid, cholera etc. Likewise plants also get affected by number of disease causing reasons. Crop diseases are as old as agriculture itself and there are many examples in history where people have suffered as a consequence of plant diseases. Diseases cause economic losses to crops by attacking the plant at many different places and stages in its growing cycle. Some will cause damage by interfering with water and mineral absorption from the soil, some will affect photosynthesis by killing the leaves of the plant, some will impair translocation of sugars produced in the photosynthesis to the grain and yet others will completely destroy developing grains.

Crop Diseases and Their Management outlines the general principles of plant pathology, the conditions that favor disease development, how to scout for diseases and how to control them. It is designed to provide information to the readers on all important aspects of plant pathology in a single volume. The information on modern areas like disease diagnosis, disease forecasting, biological control, epidemiology and biotechnology in disease resistance and safe use of pesticides have been covered, giving most recent concepts. It is intended of valuable for plant protection experts, students and researchers, vegetable specialists, horticultural officers, and extension workers.