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The most abundant energy source in our world is coal. Coal-fired power generation comes with significant costs to environment and human health. The water runoff from coal washeries carries pollution loads of heavy metals that contaminate ground water, rivers, and lakes e thus affecting aquatic flora and fauna. Fly-ash residue and pollutants contaminate soil and are especially harmful to agricultural activities. Most importantly for human health, combustion of coal releases emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and various trace metals like mercury, into the air through stacks that can disperse this pollution over large areas. All educated people in the world are worried about the environmental problems caused by coal based power plants. The burning of coal adds mainly to increase acid rain and hence increase air pollution which in turn is a cause of global warming, harm to flora and fauna and damage of property. Environmental regulations for coal-fired power plants in the world cover a comprehensive range of very tedious requirements. New regulations were implemented from 2014 in China, USA and European Union which fixed the ‘emission limits’ very low for SO2 , NOx, mercury particulate for coal-fired power generation plants. Now it is the time to evaluate emission control technologies whether the technologies can be helpful in achieving the new lower emission limits.

 Coal-fired Electricity and Emissions Control covers innovative trends and reviews dealing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and nitric oxide (NO) from thermal power plants and its control strategy. The analysis shows that aggressive pollution control regulations such as mandating flue gas desulfurization, introduction and tightening of emission standards for all criteria pollutants, and updating procedures for environment impact assessments, are imperative for regional clean air and to reduce health impacts. It presents insights into the coal fired power plants using modern technologies pollute less than firstborn designs due to these new technologies that filter the flue gases in stacks; however various pollutants are still being emitted in several times higher amounts than natural gas based and other power plants.