The Fundamentals of Piping Design, the objective was to arm the reader with the basic “rules” for the design, fabrication, installation, and testing of process and utility piping systems for oil and gas refineries, chemical complexes, and production facilities at both offshore and onshore locations. The objective of Volume 2, Advanced Piping Design, on the same subject, is to look into more detail at the design of process piping systems in specific locations around the various items of process equipment that would be typically found in a petrochemical or oil and gas processing facility.We enlisted the direction and support of Rutger Bott,ermans, from Delft in The Netherlands, who is the author of this title. He wrote the text in a very direct style to avoid any misinterpretation. The bullet point/checklist format allows the reader so see quickly if he or she has considered the point when laying out the piping system. Rutger and his company Red-Bag, have a great deal to offer the industry; and I look forward to working with him again on other projects.