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Value addition in meat industry has always attracted the consumers and processors world over for the reason it gives variety, choice of products to suit their purse. Introduction of new varieties of meat product is constantly attempted by the processors and is also carefully watched by the consumers. Another aspect of value addition, which is gaining momentum, is the value added health foods. These products are designed to suit the nutritional requirement, diet restrictions of different categories of people. Energy foods for sports men, defense food and irradiated foods are developing with the specific purpose. Naturally when the value addition is done with the specific purpose the cost of the products takes the back seat while the quality with purpose is a priority like designer eggs, low fat meat recipes, high protein diets for children and self-heating cans etc. These are prepared as per the dietary guidelines and often have become an advertising tool for the manufacturing companies. While discussing about meat processing optimum utilization of by products is equally important for increasing profit and minimizing environmental pollution.