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To encounter the requirements of next generation power plants are subject to different criteria responsible on regional concerns. Steam generators as used in water cooled nuclear reactors must operate under high rates of heat transfer with minimal temperature difference between the heating and heated fluids. Whereas efficiency together with environmental protection, availability and power generating costs head the list of priorities in the highly industrialized countries, investment costs and financing are becoming progressively important factors in the growth countries. Steam generators, as the most costly component and the component of fundamental importance to power plant availability, play a significant role in both cases. For the reactor the steam generator serves as a heat sink which is an important consideration in the event of abnormal transients or accident conditions. Steam generators serving water cooled nuclear reactors have unique design and operating considerations.

This edition comprehends cutting-edge coverage of research and reviews on all phases of the nuclear steam generator lifecycle – ranging from design process, manufacturing, operation and maintenance, to fitness-for-service and enduring process in single volume. It focuses on steam generators degradation problem and decommissioning issues including strategic, technological and scientific, measurement, environmental, legislation, and economic issues.

This book will appeal to engineers in the nuclear industry as well as researchers interested in a wide-range of topics related to nuclear steam generator (NSG) life cycle management.