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Refrigeration and air conditioning system energy efficiency has been steadily improved by manufacturers due to several driving forces: environmental group actions to increase awareness of concerns about climate change, increasing focus on reducing energy costs, governmental regulations, and market opportunities for product differentiation. In the past years, the solitary purpose of utilization of the refrigeration was to conserve food. But currently in our daily life, refrigeration is one of the necessary areas for the intend of not only food conservation but also comfort, industrial production, electronic equipments’ performance, safe and proper operation of telecommunication stations and computer rooms, space studies, etc. The significance and broad application range of the refrigeration require new techniques and researches.

Refrigeration And Air Conditioning covers state of the art information on current theoretical and practical aspect of heating, cooling, air-conditioning, ventilation, sanitation and building environment/design. It also focuses on alternative refrigerants and novel topics in the field of boiling, condensation, heat pumps, food refrigeration, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrocarbons, magnetic refrigeration at room temperature, sorptive cooling, phase change materials and slurries, ejector technology, compressors, and solar cooling. The studies on refrigeration and air-conditioning systems have focused on the system performance and efficiency enhancement when new alternative refrigerants are applied. Heat transfer characteristics during evaporation and condensation are investigated for several tube shapes and new alternative refrigerants including natural refrigerants. Efficiency of various compressors and performance of new expansion devices are also dealt with for better design of refrigeration/air conditioning system.

This book will be of essential guide for all those wishing to keep abreast of research and industrial news in refrigeration, air conditioning and allied fields.