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Aeronautics is defined as “the science that treats of the operation of aircraft: also, the art or science of operating aircraft.” Basically, with aeronautics, one is concerned with predicting and controlling the forces and moments on an aircraft that is traveling through the atmosphere.

A single comprehensive in-depth treatment of both basic and applied modern aerodynamics. The fluid mechanics and aerodynamics of incompressible and compressible flows, with particular attention to the prediction of lift and drag characteristics of airfoils and wings and complete airplane configurations.

Designed for courses in aerodynamics, aeronautics and flight mechanics, this text examines the aerodynamics, propulsion, performance, stability and control of an aircraft. This book captures some of the new technologies and methods that are currently being developed to enable sustainable air transport and space flight. It clearly illustrates the multi-disciplinary character of aerospace engineering, and the fact that the challenges of air transportation and space missions continue to call for the most innovative solutions and daring concepts.