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Biomass is fuel that is developed from organic materials, a renewable and sustainable source of energy used to create electricity or other forms of power. Biomass power is carbon neutral electricity generated from renewable organic waste that would otherwise be dumped in landfills, openly burned, or left as fodder for forest fires.

When burned, the energy in biomass is released as heat. In biomass power plants, wood waste or other waste is burned to produce steam that runs a turbine to make electricity, or that provides heat to industries and homes.

There are a range of different biomass fuels that can potentially be used for energy applications, derived from a range of different sources.
This book explores the available technologies for the preparation of fuels and chemicals from biomass using nanomaterials. This focus bridges the gap between nanomaterials, energy, and the environment. The book also deals with other important topics related to nanomaterials including toxicity and sustainability and environmental aspects