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Metallurgical Engineering has embarked a vital role in the development of human civilization beginning with bronze-age some 3000 years ago when tools and weapons were mostly produced from the metals and alloys. This science has matured over millennia and still plays crucial role by supplying materials having suitable properties. Mineral processing separates the valuable minerals from waste rock by treating crude ores and mineral products. Mineral and metal extractive industries play a noteworthy role in the economic development of all nations and mineral processing is one of the key areas to bring forth necessary metals and several finished products of mineral origin from ores. Despite the continuous structural shift towards a knowledge-based society, our society cannot function without minerals, the consumption of which increases with the standard of living. It has also become imperative to rationalize technological schemes of ore processing with due consideration to environmental degradation. The industry is meeting these challenges with new research, understanding and technology.

Mineral Processing Technology brings together new theories with practices covering a broad field that deals with all types of metal-related areas including mineral processing, extractive metallurgy, heat treatment and casting. The cutting edge and critical approaches in both fundamental and applied aspects of all mineral processing would be opportune to organize current information and innovations. The rapid heating of ore containing microwave energy absorbing minerals in a non-absorbing gangue matrix generated thermal stress is demonstrated. Covering the broad field of mineralogy, economic mineral resources, mineral exploration, innovative mining techniques and advances in mineral processing; this book will be of interest to the mineral industry, researchers and practitioners.