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Many industrial areas and management paradigms have been transformed in the last several years. Mass customization, global value stream networks, enhanced innovation and product development cycles, novel business models, and new competitive factors are included. The decisions created within the strategy planning stages have long-range implications and are crucial to a firm’s success. Before creating selections regarding the operation’s method, managers should contemplate the goals set by promoting managers. In many countries, research organizations are devoted to the phenomenon of innovation and they have given courses of action to be followed by the companies in their regions in order to reach profitable and competitive innovation levels. Monitoring of management processes in organizations that are characterized by outstanding levels of innovation, particularly intangible products, combined with the observation of best business practices, has shown to be a convenient task to fulfill since global innovation does play a key role in the growth and advance of nations. Today, experts agree that the widening gap between developed and emerging countries is not due to differences in capital investments, but to their development in the area of technological innovation.

This book contains the contributions of eminent researchers, covering new ideas, original results, and practical experiences as well as organizing some important topics in industrial operations management. This book presents a decision framework that highlights the integration of manufacturing strategy (MS) and sustainability along with strategic responses as a significant component. This integration raises complexity and uncertainty in decision-making following the number of subjective components with their inherent relationships that must be brought into context and the huge amount of required information in eliciting judgments. Emerging concerns on sustainability compel manufacturing firms to incorporate in their decision-making processes the interests of the triple-bottom-line, that is, economic, environmental, and social issues, especially those related to material, energy, and wastes as the primary concerns of manufacturing. In the next chapter, the book explores the additive manufacturing (AM), a new way to produce parts, which in the last years had a significant application in the traditional production environment, since it demonstrated its capability to produce parts without particular defects and with good mechanical properties. Nevertheless, the introduction of this technology in this context put on the table of the researchers and practitioners some questions about the management of this technology in a more complex context, characterized by the integration with other machines. The aim of this chapter is to present a literature review of the principal facets of the AM related to the field of operations management and trying to define a model to account for the costs of production and to schedule the machine activity.

Further, the book discloses new techniques in project management. As corporations seek to accelerate project development cycles to gain faster go-to-market execution. With new PPM and governance methods (e.g. resource management, demand management, internal and external sourcing algorithms, workload balancing), improved rigor and efficiency are attainable. As a result of past economic growth and the foundation of future economic growth, industrial structure has become an important factor for economic growth. In view of this, this book finally will present a study on the degree of deformity of the industrial structure in Macao and systematically explore the path and direction of the industrial diversification by in order to guide the Macao draft moderate diversification policy effectively. Thus, this book is a valuable resource for all researchers, students, and managers involved in advancing the global manufacturing industry.


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