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This book is about the practices used by hotels in managing their food supply chains. Its primary focus is the exploration and identification of the food supply management activities and concepts related to their management practice. The book aims to call the attention of the academic community to the interconnection between supply chain management and hospitality. It also aims to inform the academic community about the practices that articulate these two areas of research in day to day business planning and operations. This book reflects the understanding of ‘what’s going on’ is most appropriately achieved by building concepts and constructs from empirical studies.

It focuses on the actual practices of management of the supply chain of foodservice within hotels at the property level, originated in the light of a lack of research into supply chain management within the hospitality industry. Its research is designed to contribute to an understanding of supply chain management issues in the area of food supply chains; factors influencing the practices of the management of supply chains; hotel food sourcing strategy; food sourcing operations and factors impacting on the supply chain network structure of hotel food supply chains. By taking an exploratory approach, the central aim of this book is to explore hotel food supply chain management practices.


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