Management of a Hotel Banquet is unlike other fields of management. What makes this area of study truly different and worth appreciating is the fact that it is an amalgamation of culinary arts, business management, food, and beverage management, and management of human resources at the macro level. When you look at it closely and understand the intricacies of this business, that’s when you understand the magnitude of experience, skill, and patience that this job requires.

This book allows you to dig deeper into the diversified aspects of Hotel Banquet management. The comprehensive information and practical examples in this book make it ideal not just for students but also for entrepreneurs and banquet managers who like to keep sharpening their skills. Even if you are vaguely interested in banquet management, you will find this book enlightening and highly informative.

The book aims at highlighting essential fragments that complete the management system of a banquet. With an introduction to hotel banquet management, its history, and its relevance in contemporary times, the book further proceeds onto explaining the various types and setups of the banquet, its operation, administration, and management, the marketing strategies, the various skills and duties that banquet management demands and so on.

I believe that learning from the experiences and mistakes of others can serve as a guide for us, which is why I have included the tips given by successful people from the industry that will help you in planning your strategies and implementing them.

Focus is laid more upon contemporary and relevant information. The text, though comprehensive, is made concise and short to avoid excessive overload of information. The book is a roadmap for anyone who aspires to be part of the banquet industry.


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