Although the study of geology has been around for centuries, at least in its modern form, the science and practice of engineering geology only commenced as a recognized discipline until the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The field of geology involves the study of earth materials and processes. Discover the importance of studying geology and why is geology important in life and to civilization. Geology is important for our global food supply through identifying ideal growing areas and conditions as well as monitoring soil quality; geology’s impact is commonly forgotten in the areas of construction and infrastructure whether in consideration of concrete and masonry for roads or the gypsum that drywall is made of. And geology is important in securing our worlds demand for energy, building infrastructure, advancing science and technology, sustaining the global food supply, predicting and reacting to natural disasters and everything in between. Geology plays an essential role in many areas of the economy. Economic growth and sustainability, as well as societal well-being, will require reliable supplies of energy and mineral resources, a dependable supply of clean water and the secure and sustainable production of food. Modern industry, technology and consumer products require a vast array of minerals, both abundant and rare. Their extraction and trade forms a major part of our national and global economy. As the population and demand for resources grow, innovative technologies are required to locate and extract minerals.

This advanced guide ‘Geology’, dedicated to the latest advancements in geology, is ideal for advanced graduate students, researchers and practitioners, or anyone wishing to explore this fascinating subject. There are many reasons why geology is important in life and to civilization. Think about earthquakes, landslides, floods, droughts, volcanic activity, ocean water currents (el Niño), types of soil, fuel oils, minerals (gold, silver, uranium), and so on. Geologists study all of these concepts. Thus, the study of geology plays an important role in modern life and civilization.