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Today, a vital issue is environmental pollution, especially air pollution. Due to pollutants present in air, human health as well as animal health and vegetation may suffer. The air we breathe contains emissions from many different sources: industry, motor vehicles, heating and commercial sources, household fuels as well as tobacco smoke. The effects of air pollution on health have been intensively studied in recent years. The results of these studies showed that air pollution harms human health and particularly is harmful for those who are already vulnerable because of their age as children and older people or existing health problems. The Ozone layer considered crucial for the existence of the ecosystems on the planet is depleting due to increased pollution. Global warming, a direct result of the increased imbalance of gases in the atmosphere has come to be known as the biggest threat and challenge that the contemporary world has to overcome in a bid for survival. In order to understand the causes of Air pollution, several divisions can be made.

Fundamentals Of Air Pollution brings together state of the art information on the most important pollutants and their different sources and effects on humans and various fields of life. The subject matter deals with air pollution and its effects in the fields of Health, Environment, Economy and Agricultural Sources, including with the effect of air pollution on health and human body organs, the impact of air pollution on plants and agricultural sources and methods of resistance as well as environmental changes, geographic and climatic conditions due to air pollution.

Illustrating the broad range of topics in the field; this book appeal to students, scientists and academicians all over the world dealing with new issues and developments in different areas of air pollution.