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Turbomachines are used in a wide range of applications – petrochemical industries, power engineering, ventilations, and many other fields. Increasing the efficiency and operating range of turbomachines reduces fuel consumption of gas turbine power plants and other applications. Over the years, many attempts have been made to achieve these objectives. The demand for high performance turbomachinery and related new applications is always the motivation for the development in analyzing the complicated internal flows, reducing noise emission level, and altering or controlling the characteristics. In recent years, much progress has been made with regard to advanced optimization algorithms, gas-solid or gas-liquid complex flows, and new types of turbomachinery.

Developments in Turbomachinery Flow focuses on the current and future science and technology development of turbomachinery in the related fields of turbomachinery based propulsion and power systems. Of primary interest are the thermodynamics, the fluid mechanics, the heat transfer and the applied combustion of aerospace, marine and industrial energy devices and systems, both from a component and system perspective. The contributed chapters are written by renowned authors, researchers, and scientists that will stimulate efforts to optimize the aerodynamic design via new models or algorithms, to address the challenges inherent in turbomachinery by developing new theories or proposing new engineering concepts, and to minimize the energy losses by using active or passive control approaches. Advanced methods and practical applications for energy-saving and emission reduction in the industry are also addressed.

This book is intended to offer to students and practitioners with a primary interest in turbomachinery. Designers, manufacturers and researchers in the area of ventilation systems and power plants will also find this book as valuable guide.