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This book gives a comprehensive review of corrosion problems during oil and gas production and its mitigation. The effect of corrosion in the oil industry leads to the failure of parts. This failure results in shutting down the plant to clean the facility. The chemistry of corrosion mechanism had been examined with the various types of corrosion and associated corroding agents in the oil and gas industry. Factors affecting each of the various forms of corrosion were also presented. Ways of mitigating this menace with current technology of low costs had been discussed. It was noticed that the principles of corrosion must be understood in order to effectively select materials and to design, fabricate, and utilize metal structures for the optimum economic life of facilities and safety in oil and gas operations. Also, oil and gas materials last longer when both inhibitors and protective coatings are used together than when only batch inhibition was used. However, it is recommended that consultations with process, operations, materials, and corrosion engineers are necessary in the fitness of things to save billions of dollars wasted on corrosion in the oil and gas industries.

This book covers a wide spectrum of corrosion topics with rich illustrations, an easy to understand writing style, and the presentation of review articles, providing state-of-the-art corrosion-mitigation techniques useful for practicing engineers, technologists, and field technicians