Corporate / business finance is an essential and unavoidable role of every company, and effective financial management is the key to success and survival because it includes controlling the financial capital and financial activities of the organization. Planning, analysis, and monitoring processes are the responsibility of the financial manager, who is typically near to the top of the company’s organizational structure. Without finance and sound financial management, even the existing company would not be able to enter broader markets or create and test broader solutions/products. Finance is necessary for testing and research purposes as well as marketing and advertising purposes.

Businesses run on money, and business finance guides you through wise and prudent cash flow decisions and longer-term funding strategies. When you develop skills and strategies for using the funds you have and raising additional capital when required, you can boost the competitiveness of your business and increase the capacity for exploiting new opportunities.

This book focuses on firm investment and distribution decisions in the sense of capital market structure and performance. This is usually managed by a team of finance and accounting experts or the finance department. The goal of this book is to gain a thorough understanding of basic concepts in the fields of accounting and finance and to keep abreast of emerging patterns, processes, and legislation. Basic portfolio theory is explored for the development of simple asset pricing models and the calculation of the cost of capital for use in investment evaluation. The consequences of the various funding methods (debt and equity) are discussed, and the theorems of the elementary capital structure are provided to which dividend decisions are evaluated. Business cycles of growth, boom, recession, downturn, and regeneration caused by changes in the economy and other external factors are a reality.

Moreover, no matter how well it performs, the company is bound to bear the consequences and must be prepared to tackle these periods. The financial plans must be foolproof and include provisions for when the company is struck by the economic downturn. This book will help students understand and acquire skills in planning, management, and forecasting financing.


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