Signal processing applications frequently encounter multi-dimensional real-time performance requirements and restrictions on resources, which makes software implementation complex. Although major advances have been made in embedded processor technology for this application domain particularly, in technology for programmable digital signal processors — traditional compiler techniques applied to such platforms do not generate machine code of desired quality. Consequently, low-level, human-driven fine-tuning of software implementations is needed, and we are therefore in need of more effective strategies for software implementation for signal processing applications. In this book, a number of important memory and performance optimization problems are addressed for translating high-level representations of signal processing applications into embedded software implementations.

This book covers selected topics in advanced digital signal processing (DSP), including theories and applications, containing contributions by a large number of experts around the world. It is intended to provide highlights of the current trends in the digital signal processing area, showing the recent advances in this field. The covered chapters present practical advances and recent applications of digital signal processing in several areas as communications, filtering, medicine, astronomy, and image processing.

This book will fulfill the need of students and researchers in the digital signal processing and related areas as well as appeal to anyone with a scientific background desiring to have knowledgeable overview of this field.