Welding is a very diverse trade. Almost every manufactured product utilizes a welding or joining process in its production. Products that are produced by welding range from small objects, such as sunglasses and dental braces to larger objects. Over the years, a number of major innovations have been made in welding technology. Welding is a process of joining two metal pieces by the application of heat. Welding is the least expensive process and widely used now a days in fabrication. Welding joints different metals with the help of a number of processes in which heat is supplied either electrically or by mean of a gas torch. Different welding processes are used in the manufacturing of Auto mobiles bodies, structural work, tanks, and general machine repair work. In the industries, welding is used in refineries and pipe line fabrication. There are more than thirty different types of welding, from simple oxy-fuel (using a flame) welding to high-tech processes such as laser beam welding.

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