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Failures do not distinguish or target specific projects. Buildings, large or small and public works of all kinds can experience failures of an assortment of types. Even on a large project, the smallest of items can lead to an unexpected and catastrophic event. Failures have been found in all types of buildings. We have seen failures in buildings built any time over the last 25 years, some as recently as the last couple of years. Failures and defects are common phenomena in construction industry. Negative impacts may arise towards cost, duration and resources of project. Failures and defects can cause unnecessary expenditure and delays. Faulty construction has been the most important cause of structural failure. They are also generating controversies among parties involved. Furthermore, if this situation is left unanswered and untreated, it will lead to more serious problems in the future of construction projects. Recent failures of storage bins, silos and other structures highlight the need to increase awareness of hazards associated with these structures.

This book “Understanding Building Failures” covers state of the art information on all aspects of building failures related to structural, architectural and MEP systems failures. It is aimed to identify contribution factors to building defect and failures, which frequently occur in construction project especially in order to minimize time and cost involved, with possible solutions to common buildings failures. Building failures and collapses in recent times have become front burner issue in the built environment. When the incidence becomes incessant, both the industry and stakeholders’ reputation is at stake. Hence, this book sought to determine the reputational effect of building failure/collapse on the values, integrity of industry’s professionals. Studies show that incessant building failure and collapses demarket the values and integrity of industry professionals; portrays building industry as corrupt due to sharp practices of some of its immoral elements.