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Light has been used as a communication device for eras and practically every civilization has used light in some form for communication. Fiber optic systems are vital telecommunication infrastructure for global broadband networks. Wide bandwidth signal transmission with low delay is a significant need in contemporary applications. Optical fibers provide enormous and unsurpassed transmission bandwidth with negligible latency, and are now the transmission medium of choice for long distance and high data rate transmission in telecommunication networks.

This book brings together theory and real world solicitations of fiber optic communication systems including their key technologies, and also discusses their technological trend towards the next generation. Trends in the development of fiber optics are outlined with in-depth treatment of linear fiber-optic systems and their key enabling devices. These technologies enable functional and efficient operation and maintenance of networks while maintaining high reliability, and will support future high-speed, high-capacity networks. This book is a compendium of works contributed by worldwide authors and researchers presenting recent advances and progress in optical fiber technology related to the next generation optical communication, system and network, sensor, laser, measurement, characterization and devices.

This comprehensive volume will be invaluable to students of fiber-optics communication, practicing engineers and researchers as well in this area.