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Image enhancement is an important procedure of image processing and analysis as one of the most important techniques in image research. The key objective of image enhancement is to boost the quality and visual manifestation of an image, or to furnish a better transform depiction for future automated image processing. Many images like medical images, satellite, aerial images and also real life photographs suffer from poor and bad contrast and noise. It is crucial to augment the contrast and remove the noise to increase image quality. One of the most significant stages in medical images detection and analysis is Image Enhancement Techniques. It advances the clarity of images for human viewing, removing blurring and noise, escalating contrast, and illuminating details.

Signal Processing and Performance Analysis for Imaging Systems covers theoretical, experimental and applied aspects of the engineering design of signal and imaging systems, with emphasis on signal generation and image formation mechanisms, transmission, sensing, analysis and processing, and post-processing algorithms. It provides State-of-the-art systems analysis; design, integration, evaluation, standardization, and the development of algorithms evaluated towards building such systems are the journal’s primary focus. The visual quality of the most recorded images is often brought down in the course of digital image acquisition because of some factors such as uneven illumination, the noise produced in the transmission, and D/A transformation. As a consequence, image quality usually needs to be improved before image analysis; image enhancement is an elementary step in digital image processing and analysis. The book enables specialists get the most out of current imaging systems and make the best hardware/software decisions in budding the next-generation image acquisition and analysis competence their work needs. Practitioners will discover today’s most advanced techniques for single image reconstruction, super-resolution image reconstruction, image deblur and restoration, and contrast enhancement.