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Research methods play a central role in scholarly endeavors in the field of library and information science (LIS). There is an ongoing requisite for more and better research in the arena of library and information science (LIS). Research by library and information science (LIS) practitioners is necessary to create new knowledge and thereby contribute to the growth of LIS as a profession or discipline. It is required to improve problem solving and decision making in the workplace, to make professional practitioners critical consumers of the research literature, and to better train librarians to provide optimal information services to researchers in other fields. Reading and conducting research can subsidize to career development for librarians, especially academic librarians on tenure track. It can also improve an individual’s ability to think critically and analytically, improve staff morale, and enhance the library’s status within its community.

Research Methods in Library and Information Science is addressed to practicing librarians and other information professionals, along with master’s and doctoral students in LIS programs. It has been designed to facilitate them to gain apposite understanding of research methods, practices and tools.