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Marketing has been a widely used term in any and every sphere of business. With times manyconcepts of marketing has evolved and today marketing has become a distinctive integral part of not only any business activity but also of business management schools globally. This book presents various concepts and theories of marketing in an organized and easy to understand way. It also highlights the importance and concepts of various marketing tools used in business spheres to have a competitive edge. The concepts have been complimented and supplemented by contemporary examples. From the genesis of marketing to the latest trends in marketing, Marketing has not just become a specialized area but also super specializations within is a happening fact.

This book targets undergraduate business students. The contents of this book caters to the modern day requirements of business students and marketing professionals. It is divided into twelve chapters which include the basics of marketing, various tools and terms used in marketing, consumer behavior, marketing strategies, marketing ethics, new trends in marketing etc. The concepts are explained with supporting contemporary real time examples particularly from Middle East.

This book is intended to be reference book not only to undergraduate students of business schools but also for professional practitioners. The book covers essentials of marketing in an easy to understand manner and relates the topics with real marketing happenings supported by relevant exemplifications. The book is rich in contents and innovative in its approach. The contents are systemically put in place. Fundamentals of mnemonics has been applied to provide the cutting edge sustainable understanding.


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