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To have maintained its place as an essential text for so many years Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry has had to remain relevant to its broad audience. Today’s hospitality professional must be an expert at managing many functions. Altogether, human resource management is the process of proper and maximizes utilization of available limited skilled workforce. The core purpose of the human resource management is to make efficient use of existing human resource in the organization. Managing the workforce effectively is perhaps the single most important issue in delivering first-class service which underpins a hotel’s performance, reputation and profitability. At the international level, the countries of origin of hotel staff, particularly management and supervisors, have changed dramatically. In the past, companies, in order to preserve their brand integrity in new countries, tended to post skilled staff from their own already successful properties. In many countries, however, immigration rules have changed in order to protect local employment, ensuring that home-grown employees have employment priority. In addition, more international companies can now rely on a more abundant source of local trained labor in domestic markets, as a result of local education and training initiatives. Even so, restrictions on importing senior management and skilled supervisors present companies with challenges as they work to protect the integrity of their brand.

>Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry provides the reader with an essential understanding of the purpose, policies and processes concerned with managing an enterprise’s workforce within the current business and social environment. This book examines the nature and assesses the impact of HRM within a highly under-researched division of the service sector, namely the hospitality industry. The book provides comprehensive overview of the hospitality and tourism industries, and emphasizes the importance of effective human resources management to all organizations within them.