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Technical Textiles are welfare textiles used for their diverse and multifunctional properties. Technical textiles offer several advantages in their functional aspects for improving health and safety, cost effectiveness, and durability and strength of textile material. These performance-enhancement products are applicable in the protective clothing, agriculture, medical, infrastructure development, automotive, aerospace, sports, and packaging sectors. It is a large and growing sector and supports a vast array of other industries. The global growth rates of technical textiles are about 4% per year greater than the growth of home and apparel textiles, which are growing at a rate of 1% per year. Currently, technical textile materials are most widely used in filter clothing, furniture, hygiene medicals and construction material. An exceptional feature of technical textiles is the use of innumerable varieties of raw materials, processes, products and applications for their production. Technical textiles are reported to be the fastest growing sector of the textile industrial sector. At the present time, space and aerospace textiles are making a significant contribution to the increasing market for textiles.

Handbook of Technical Textiles provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements in technical textiles. It provides widespread coverage of the manufacture, processing and applications of high tech textiles for a huge range of applications. Technical textiles have never been a single coherent industry sector and market segment. It is developing in many different directions with varying speeds and levels of success.