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Fruits are very important for human beings and also play an important role in religious practices, mythology and art. Cultivation of fruit crops plays an important role in the prosperity of any nation. It is generally stated that the standard of living of the people can be judged by per capita production and consumption of fruits. They are not only delicious but also have many nutrients which are necessary for human health. Fruit production requires a lot of science and some basic fundamental knowledge to grow them successfully. Additionally, fresh garden fruits are a good source of vitamins; minerals, carbohydrates, fiber and will provide your family with flavorful, delicious and nutritious food. As an added bonus, the fruits you grow will taste much better than the fruits you find in the grocery store. Establishment of an orchard area long term investment and require critical planning, selection of proper location and site, planting system and planting distance, varieties and the nursery plants to ensure maximum production. After harvesting, fruits and vegetables still undergo active biological processes, such as respiration, ripening in fruits, and senescence. In some fruits and vegetables, these activities cause significant changes in the quality so the postharvest storage conditions and processing steps need to be carefully conducted to prevent these changes.

Fruit Science Culture And Technology brings together state of the art information on new technologies and innovative approaches to the management and marketing of all types of fruits. It provides practical and fundamental information necessary for the superior growth and quality of fruit crops. This book compiles many fundamental issues of fruit production like layout and planting, many cultural practices, growth and bearing habits of fruit crops, unfruitfulness etc. Understanding of all these topics will help the students, practitioners, as well as researchers and anyone who want to explore his knowledge of fruit production.