This book contains a view through a window into the world of medical and health care. What is nursing life? What do they do? Why are they important? All your questions are answered in this book.

It not only gives an introduction to nursing but also aware of the work and procedure of a nurse, their importance and role in the health care unit. In this book, one would discover the importance of health and how nursing improves the health of an individual or a community. It describes the duty of a clinical nurse in various sectors of medications.

In this book, one would find the basic procedures of medicating an individual like operating an individual before and after the operation, basic medical asepsis, surgical asepsis, etc. It teaches how a patient needs not only physical support but also psychological support if he is undergoing any operation or if his health is leading him to death.

This book is a complete guide towards the career of nursing as it also introduces to the courses, exams, and qualifications one requires for nursing. All eligibility criteria, classes, courses, degrees, etc. are mentioned inside the book to reduce one’s effort in searching for them.


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