Globalization has resulted in a rapid increase of multinational corporations, which has led to businesses having a more culturally diverse workforce. Cultural diversity affects the performance of an organization, and various conflicts can arise due to misunderstandings among the culturally diverse workforce. The purpose of this study is, therefore, to contribute to the current field of cross-cultural management and how cultural diversity is managed. And before knowing culture management, it is important to understand the culture.

Culture is a broad concept, and all aspects have, therefore, not been considered; thus, business culture from an organizational perspective is the focus.

Why should we study Asia?

Asia is home to half the world’s population.

• Studying the culturally and historically diverse areas of Asia provides opportunities for students to discover new global perspectives.
• Economic transformations in Asia have reshaped our global economic and political environment.
• Knowledge of Asia, combined with other disciplines, enhances employment prospects and possibilities of working internationally.

Here you’ll learn about Asia in-depth to know the topic deeper and better. There are more benefits to studying the best books. And this is quite a good one on this topic.


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